Black Sead Oil


We typically collect the black seed from the cultivated land of FaridpurKhulnaJessore and Gopalganj. After drying properly in the direct sun and cleaning the mature seeds we successfully processed it into the organic oil. All of our successful works is typically performed by the digital machine. For that you will get properly the fresh and best black seed oil to us.


After processing the black seed, we receive oil from it. Above all of the organic oil, the black seed oil in common is the grand oil. There are about likely hundreds of possible advantages in this valuable oil. It typically contains 21% protein, 38% sugar and herbal fat and oil. We receive all specific kinds of necessary vitamins from the oil. Black seed oil increases sufficiently our memory by increasing our blood circulation.

In case if we suffer from a headachewe can massage the oil and get round soon. In the cold problems, we can instantly take black seed oil with local honey in half cup of prepared tea. It works more than any modern medicine. If we have arthritis pain, we will wash and clean the specific place well and massage the black seed oil. It is also beneficial for the heart disease patients.


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