Black Sead


Black seed is typically producing in FaridpurJessoreKhulna and Gopalganj. We sell best Bangladeshi black seed that is typically collected from our cultivated land. Our local products are fresh, genuine and most outstanding than any of others in excellent quality. If you require the best seeds, you have to contact with us.


Black seed is a very popular and healthy food element and we know it as Black cumin, Kalojeera or Kalonji. Its scientific name is Nigella Sativa. Black seeds are small, black and triangle in size and there are about 25 seeds found in a flower. Up to hundreds of nutrition and helpful elements exists in the seeds. Black seed naturally increases our immunity system and makes our body fit against all disease. The honey of black seed flowers is the supreme food.

It also uses in the Ayurvedic, Unani, Kaviraji and folk medicine for properly curing many disease. It works against fever, a cold, a cough and various kinds of pains. Now a day black seed becomes an essential part in our daily life and it‘s use is increasing day by day. Black seed also works against the corona virus.


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