Crabs are collected by us mostly fresh and the best of the local area like SatkhiraKhulna and Bagrhat because it is the most suitable point for crab farming for the salinization water of those places. That is why our valuable product is better than any of others that you will find in a very cheap rate.



Crabs are the most delicious food all over the modern world. It naturally contains a huge amount of protein and necessary vitamins. Between all of the crabs, the Bangladeshi is the most popular and delicious because Bangladesh is the proper land of growing and farming it. We found various types of crabs in Bangladesh. Some of them are found in the sea of the bangle, and some of them are cultivated in the farm. We collect both unique types of crabs.

Now a days crab farming is very popular in our sweet country. Ibrings lot of foreign exchange every year. We get most of the local farms in BagherhatKhulna and Satkhira. It’s quality, and size is better than any of others.


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