Bangladesh is the proper land of cultivating jute and in Bangladesh our Faridpur subdivision is the most suitable place for cultivate it. That is why if you want the best jute, you have to choose Bangladesh and if you want best Bangladeshi jute, you have to choose our Faridpur subdivisions jute that you will get from us in a very cheap rate. Also most of the jute of Bangladesh is produce here.



In Bangladesh jute is the golden fiver for its foreign exchange value. Before 2000 it was the most exported product in our country. In all over the world, Bangladesh is in 2nd position on producing it, just after India. The quality of Bangladeshi jute is better than any other country that is why the demand of our jute is too much in Asia, Europe, America and the Middle East.

Jute is mainly harvest in the rainy season. After drying the jute into the sun, it becomes ready to use for various purposes. For the side effect of poly bags, most of the country now uses jute bags instead of polythene to save our environment. As a result the demand of the fiber is increasing day by day.


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