We naturally have the fresh and best Paan for our valuable clients that is collected by us direct from the cultivated land where it is carefully cultivated. Our maximum products are carefully collected from KhulnaJessore and Bagerhat where is the most suitable place to harvest the Paan. That is why our local products are better than any of others.



Paan is one kind of green leaf which is very popular for its test and health benefit. We generally get it in the south Asia like Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Bhutan. But its demand is now all over the world. Paan typically help us to improve our proper digestion. It instantly returns our accurate test and in the problem of coldness if we eat organic honey with Paan, we come round soon.

But we have to remember one thing that if we take tobacco with the Paan, all of the sourcing of the leaf will be lost. So always be careful. People who are suffering from fever and facing problems in teeth, should avoid betel leafs.


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