Ideal Poultry


We have so many poultry farms from where we produce the meet. Our products are the best because we collect the chicken from Kazi Farms, the best, biggest and famous poultry farms in Bangladesh and also all over the world. The feed is also from Kazi farms product. In this reason the growth rate of our poultry is very high.



Ideal Poultry is one kind of pet that we keep for its meat and egg that contain high quality of protein. In the world the ideal poultry is the second eaten meat that meets 30% of meat demand. The largest producers of poultry are USA, China, Brazil, European Union and others countries. Beside this Bangladesh is a developing country to produce poultry. Now Bangladesh also exports poultry after completing the internal demand.

Bangladeshi ideal poultry is the most nutritious meet because for the advantage of the weather helps the pets become healthy and no medicine is needed for it. The quality of the feed is also very high. The grows rates is also very high in this country. Up to 1 month it becomes about 2 kg. So You can easily choose this for you.


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