We earn a huge amount of foreign exchange per year from various countries of the world. The demand of the Bangladeshi prawn is too high to our valuable clients. Because the quality of our product is better than any of others. We collect our prawns from the farm of Bagherhat and Khulna where most of the farm is situated. If you want the best and fresh product, you have to contact with us.



Prawns are the white gold of Bangladesh, and it is a very popular food through all over the world. There is a very good market of the prawns in home aboard. It is one of the best export product of our country. Producing, processing and marketing of the prawn are a good source of protein in our daily meal. Once upon a time in our countrywe have collected prawns from the riverscanals and sea. When the demand of this product increased in the world market, we started to pay attention in prawn farming.

Now we are one of the first class country to produce prawn in the country and increasing day by day.


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