Produce more Crabs

Above all crabs is the most delicious food all over the modern world. Between all of the crabs, the Bangladeshi is the most popular and delicious because Bangladesh is the proper land of growing and cultivating it. We naturally find various types of crabs in Bangladesh. Some of them we found in the sea of the bangle and some of them are cultivating in the farm. We collect both types of crabs which are mostly fresh and the best of the area. So our prime target is to produce more and provide it to our valuable customers in a very cheap rate.

Place selection

Two-fiber or all-clay soil is the best for crab farming and for better maintenance the area of the pond would be 0.2 -1.0 hectare and the depth of the pond should be 1.0-1.5 meter. In conclusion, where the tidal water can be remove and change is the most suitable place for farming.

Benefits of Crab Farming

  • The coastal region of Bangladesh is the suitable place
  • The demand of crabs is high in international market
  • The food of crabs can get in a very low cost
  • It can survive long time without water
  • It grows too much in a short time
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  • Date : August 18, 2020