Dr. Tapas Bakchi

  • Gopalganj Sadar
  • +8801781416444
  • tapasbakchi1990@gmail.com

Dr. Tapas Bakchi

Nutrition Specialist

This is Dr Tapas Bakchi, from Gopalgonj Sadar, Gopalgonj, Dhaka.  He is the nutrition specialist of agro earth to verify the quality and condition of our agro products. He has completed his Bachelor Degree in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery from Government Unani and Ayurvedic Medical College, Mirpur -13, Dhaka in 2016. He also has completed his food and nutrition course in 2020 from kustia Islamic University.

Initial Career

At the beginning of his career, in 2013 he started work with the nutrition of the food products that a person needs everyday to live. Because we need proper vitamins and protein for our body to lead a happy and healthy life. That is why we must have to choose those foods for us which are completely fresh and best for our health. After researching a long time  Dr. Tapas Bakchi became a expert day by day to find out the nutrition of the food.

At Present

Now he has been working with our team for choosing the best, fresh and pure food for our valuable customers. Beside this, he also serves patients in his private chamber, Digital Diagnostic in Gopalgonj with the natural herbal medicine which are completely safe from side effect. We are lucky to feel it that a great man is working with us to select the best food item.